• The Recipe for ‘Yuja like Ssam pork’ by Jun Heum Park

    by TastyKFood, November 12 2015

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    Here is the list of ingredients and the recipe for the 'Yuja like Ssam pork  or a.k.a Yuja glazed Ssamjang porchetta by Jun Heum Park which won him the Fifth place at the Korean Sensation Culinary Contest. This cuisine is for 20 portions. Enjoy! 


    Ingredient Amount
    Pork belly (less fat content pork) 9# 

    Toasted grain pan gravy
    Chicken stock 2qt
    Heavy cream 1cup
    Toasted grain powder
    (instead of flour for roux) as needed
    Juice from sliced pork
    Rice wine 1cup
    Thyme 1sprig
    Lime zest(or lemon) 2ea
    Butter 1oz
    Leek(green part from salad) 

    Pork brine
    Water 1 gallon
    (set aside 1cup boiling hot for dissolve)
    Kosher salt 1/2cup
    Sugar 3/4cup
    Soy sauce 1cup
    Clove 5ea
    Cinnamon, lightly toasted 3ea
    Star anise 1ea

     Pork marinade
    Gochu-jang( Korean chili paste) 1/2cup
    Doen-jang(Korean bean paste) 1/2cup
    Yuja marmalade chunks
    (Separate juice and chunks) 1cup
    Honey 1/2cup
    Garlic clove, mince 2T
    Scallion, slice 1cup
    Jalapeno, small dice 1cup
    Sesame oil 3T
    Ginger, minced 1T
    Black pepper, crushed to taste
    Rosemary chopped 3T
    (1 sprig for garnish 1 plate) 20 sprig
    Lime juice(or lemon) 2ea
    Korean chili flakes to taste
    Thyme 3sprig

    Glaze mix
    Rice wine as needed
    Butter 1/2#
    Yuja marmalade juice as needed


    2 3 1


    • Cut the flesh side of the pork belly - thin enough to roll into 4inch diameter bar.

    (skin on)

    • Brine pork belly for 5hours then rinse and dry well
    • Mix all marinade ingredients consistency of thick paste(if to thick adjust with sprite or club soda)
    • Spread and marinate on the flesh side of the pork
    • Roll and tie for roast, place the green part leeks on the bottom of the pan with little water
    • Roast in 400’F oven until brown and light crisp on the skin
    • Turn down to 350’F rub the glaze mix on the skin
    • Cook until 120’F internal temperature and rest
    • Cut into 1 inch thick slice(save the juice for sauce)
    • On a hot pan with little oil flash brown one side drizzle few drops of sesame oil on top
    • Serve as hot sizzled side up
    • Garnish with fried sprig of rosemary


    Pan gravy

    • Add toasted grain powder and make a roux( low heat, no color)
    • Add rice wine vaporate alcohol
    • Add hot stock until light nappe
    • Strain
    • Add heavy cream, bring to simmer add butter and lime or lemon zest at the end.




    A version of this article by Jun Heum Park. Photo by Benjamin Lee.


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