• The Recipe for ‘Memphis Seoul Pulled Pork Sliders’ by Sean Dodds

    by TastyKFood, November 18 2015

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    Here is the list of the ingredients and instructions you need, in order to create the 'Memphis Seoul Pulled Pork Sliders' by Sean Dodds at CIA hyde Park. This delicious pork cuisine got him awarded the Fourth Prize at the Korean Sensation Culinary Contest. 



    Pork Shoulder, Skin on Boneless

    Sweet Hungarian Paprika 62.5 g
    Salt 5 g
    Garlic Powder 15 g
    Chili Powder 5 g
    Onion Powder 5 g
    Sweet Paprika 5 g
    Black Peppercorns 10 g

    Butter 9 oz
    Sugar 3 C
    Red Pepper Holland 300 g
    Onions 900 g
    Carrots 300 g
    Paprika 6 T
    Cumin 3 T
    Chili Powder 6
    Coriander 5 T
    Dry Mustard 5 T
    Curry 5 T
    Black Pepper 5 T
    Thyme (Dry) pinch
    Vinegar 5 C
    Yuja Tea 5 C
    Bulgogi 3 C
    Gochujang TT

    Kimchi 2 Qts julienne
    Napa Cabbage 1 head julienne
    Fish Sauce TT
    Korean Chili powder TT
    Green Papaya 1 each
    Carrot 2 each
    Sugar, Palm TT
    Lime Juice TT

    Milk 3 Cups
    Butter 8 oz
    Active Dry Yeast 3 T
    AP Flour 5 C
    Sugar 5 fl oz
    Kosher Salt 2 T
    Eggs 2 Each



    Trim the Pork and mix all Dry Rub Ingredients
    Grind in a spice grinder until consistent
    Rub Pork with Dry Rub
    Smoke at 150 F for a min of 4 hours
    Vacuum Pack Pork and Cook in Combi-Oven 150F for a min 16hrs
    Melt butter in a sautoir
    Add aromatics and sauté
    Add sugar and caramelize
    Mix dry spices and into caramelized product in three parts
    Add Vinegar, tea, Bulgogi and Gochujang
    Adjust to taste

    Reserve for service
    Adjust seasoning with fish sauce, Chili powder, Sugar and Lime Juice
    Mix Kimchi, cabbage, carrots, and carrot in a Large SS Bowl
    Adjust seasoning to taste
    Add sauce to meat
    Pull meat apart with two forks
    Open meat (drain)
    In a Sauce Pot, Melt butter in milk
    Let cool to 110F, add yeast-10 min
    Mix Dry Ingredients w dough hook
    Mix stir” add, wet ingredients 1 Min
    Mix “low” five minutes (dough)
    Proof 1 hour – portion 1.5oz –proof
    Egg wash – Bake 400F – 14 Min
    Let cool-Slice Buns- Build Sliders




    A version of this article by Sean Dodds. Photo by Benjamin Lee.


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