• The Pot Commissary is just one of several Pots created by Chef Choi at The Line Hotel

    by TastyKFood, June 17 2017

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    Developed by the celebrated Korean Chef Roy Choi, along with 10 Grand Hospitality, Dave Reiss, Paul Pruitt and Natasha Phan; the Pot Commissary brings people together with simply amazing Asian fusion food. This stunning glass restaurant overlooks Koreatown, LA from the second floor of the The Line Hotel.

    The Pot Commissary is just one of several Pots created by Chef Choi at The Line Hotel, the other concepts include; Pot Cafe, Pot Lobby Bar and Pot. The vision of Chef Choi is to allow diners to learn from each other as they share their food, fruits and vegetables.

    Chef Choi’s food is simple and brings together his signature style of fresh  farm  recipes combined with Los Angeles Street life.

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    Before opening the Pot Commissary in August of 2014, Chef Choi was famous for being one of the founders of the food truck movement with his hugely successful Kogi Truck. Chef Choi is a respected Chef due to his exceptionally flavored cuisine that is highly sought after.

    Chef Choi’s unique flavor profiles are influenced by his childhood spent in Korea and his life in the United States. His food is not merely a fusion of culture and experience as the Chef himself.

    He is passionate, highly skilled and leads an outstanding culinary team at the Pot Commissary; along with Executive Chef, Diego Echavarria.

    Together the two chefs created a menu that engages guests to interact with the servers as most of the dishes are served in a style suited for families.

    Designed by the innovative and avant-garde Sean Knibb, the Pot Commissary plays with context, values and culture in a greenhouse setting. Situated by the hotel pool, overflowing with hanging plants, shrubs, vines and trees, the space feels more like a forest garden than a downtown restaurant. The atmosphere is designed to heighten awareness and create an interactive experience with diners, the staff and especially the food itself.

    The dining room is a communal space filled with long wooden tables, vogel chairs and intimate round tables, the 8 person bar invites solo diners or friends to enjoy a cocktail or meal. The natural lighting is inviting and creates a relaxed ambience for the cocktails and meals that diners can enjoy.

    The Pot Commissary features favorites such as the po’boy, French dip, scallops and schnitzel, but Chef Choi and Executive Chef Diego Echavarria bring unique Asian flavor profiles to single ingredient dishes that they feature on the menu. While they feature a full menu and serve many types of meats and fish, the focus here is on local fruits and vegetables.

    The menu lists seasonal ingredients that the wait staff explains to diners, as the preparation method changes frequently.

    The Pot Commissary customer favorites include; the grilled corn, eggplant curry and cauliflower tempura. Executive Pastry Chef Donna Feoranzo makes sure every meal ends on a sweet taste with delectable desserts including tres leche cake, house made ice creams and daily specials.

    Chef Choi collaborated with Matt Biancaniello to create the cocktail and drink menu, which just like the menu, features exceptional ingredients that make sipping a cocktail a new experience.

    Cocktails are often served in plastic to-go containers that adds to the mis-matched plates and décor. Diners can enjoy gin and juice with fresh watermelon, pineapple, carrot, apple or beet juice, the Pimps Cup made with rhubarb, shiso, cucumber and ginger and bottomless mimosas during the afternoon.

    In addition to fresh seasonal cocktails there are also non-alcoholic drinks available.

    If dining at a beautiful restaurant created by one of the leading Chefs in the United States is on your bucket list, then a meal at the Pot Commissary is definitely a must for you. Reservations are highly recommended.

    The Line Hotel, 2nd Floor Greenhouse

    3515 Wilshire Blvd.

    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    213.368.3030 www.eatatpot.com

    Follow them on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram: @EATATPOT

    Mon - Fri breakfast and lunch 7am - 2:30pm / dinner 5pm - 11pm

    Sat & Sunday 7am - 11pm (brunch until 4pm)

    A version of this article by Amanda Ashley at TastyKFood. Photo by Eatatpot.


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