by Tasty Kfood, August 30 2017

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    TastyKFood is a group where their goal is to introduce people to wonderful eateries that provide authentic Korean food. And our focus for this event is CUPBOB. We have formed a partnership with CUPBOB, which is stationed in Utah, to help promote to the people there and also everywhere else, the wonderful taste of Korea that CUPBOB provides.


    Breaking into the foodie scene,'CUPBOP' is a new trend in Korean style take-out food. CUPBOP serves Korean style BBQs (Beef, Pork, and Chicken) with rice and veggies CUPBOP. And of course, they couldn’t forget their vege foodie friends, so they offer a delicious Korean style veggie noodle with rice as well!

    In business since 2013 during the first wave of the food truck scene, CUPBOP is ready to open its sensorial doors to a whole new audience. From the vibrant color to whimsical, practical presentation and – of course – indescribably delicious palate of flavors, you are sure to become a fan after just one taste. CUPBOP is collaborating with TastyKfood to host a foodie extravaganza, welcoming new guests and devoted followers.

    You will have the opportunity watch the chef’s preparation techniques, learn more about the expansive list of Korean bites, play a number of fun, interactive games and, most importantly, taste a number of unique Korean cuisine!



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