by Tasty Kfood, September 17 2017

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    We would like to invite you to come to our upcoming event named “BOPSIM” organized by Korea Agro-Trade Center LA & 'Cupbop' at VIVINT Basketball Court.


    Please join us for Korean food demonstration and taste a variety of Korean food products. You will also be able to experience Korean traditional performances and games. Dinner will be provided by 'Cupbop' which is a well-known Korean style take-out food truck in UT. Please check below for more information. Hope to see you there!

    Special Program

    For this program, Chefs from the well-known Korean restaurants 'Lab24' and 'Butcher’s Cut' will be attending. That’s not all! A well-known chef and head chef, Heo Deok Haeng of 'S.TAVERN' will be here as well! They will be here to prepare spicy, stir-fried chicken ribs (DDukgalbi) so that the attendees may get a taste of this dish.

                       "S Tavern is the hottest restaurant in Gangnam, Seoul. We are doing American cuisine" said S-Tavern executive chef Song, who studied at the Culinary Institute of America before working at Danny Meyer’s Maialino and the Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park in New York."


    Product Exhibit

    There will be so many snacks from Korea to try! And it’s not just chips. There will be Gim (Seaweed), Tea, and other great Korean products that will be featured. Also, there will be different products that you can try! Like Hanbburi Samgyetang, different Ginseng products, Kimchi, Ramen, and of course can’t forget the different sauces that are unique to Korea. The fun part is that they will all be divided into different themes.


    Korean traditional and cultural experience and games

    It wouldn’t be a fun social gathering even if there weren’t any games now, would it? And so! We have prepared multiple games. We will play the Pocky game, a Pronunciation game where whoever gets the closes pronunciation based on the demonstration will be first place! There will be Jegichagi as well! Jegichagi is very similar to hacky sacks. People will be divided into groups of four and whoever kicks the jegi the most number of times in the group will be the winner and get a prize. Whoever gets placed first will get a prize!

    There will also be a performance of a traditional taffy vendor along with tasting of the delicious Korean taffy. And at a cultural fair, we can’t forget the experience of trying on traditional clothes. So, we have prepared a space where you will get to try on Hanbok!


    Gift,  Cultural performances and experience

    There are also different ways to get prizes! A TastyKFood T-shirt is given when you leave a comment or a like on our Instagram. We will also have cultural performances to enhance the experience and draw people in: Talchoom, Samulnoli, taekwondo, and other performances. We will have a DJ and A Cappella: Performance of Canon with Gayageum (it’s a traditional instrument with 12 strings) and b-boying, along with arirang performance to liven the mood of the site. Throughout the event, raffle tickets will be distributed. Right before the event ends, we will start calling out the winners!

     Friday, September 22nd 2017
    5pm ~ 8pm  
    At VIVINT- Inside of baseball court BASKEBALL COURT
    4931 North 300 West Provo, UT 84604 
    Sponsored by : AT CENTER & CUPBOP 05-2A.



    A version of this article by Faith C at TastyKFood.




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