• That’s a Wrap! Successful ending to the “BOBSIM” AT VIVINT BASKETBALL COURT IN UT

    by Tasty Kfood, October 1 2017

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    The event “BOPSIM” that has been organized by Korean Agro-Trade Center LA & ‘Cupbop’ and VIVINT Basketball Court has been a huge success!


     We were pleasantly surprised at the sheer number of people who came. People who are part of VIVINT, investors, different business owners in UTA, UVU and BYU students came too! But we can’t forget the loyal customers who have been with Cupbop for a long time. Thank you everyone for coming and being part of the event! Taking part and watching food demonstrations, looking at different Korean products, eating Cupbop, watching the traditional performances, and taking part of the raffle. Thanks to all these performances and the people who stopped by, the Vivint Basketball court was full of the taste of Korea and energy.  Shall we look at some pictures and relive the exciting moments? The opening performance that was the Taffy performance and can’t forget others too after! 

    We had many booths that displayed Korean snacks, ramen, and drinks. We got to see interactions between couples, friends, and families.

    We especially saw many children come to the Lotte booth, where they had Ppepero and Choco Pie on display. It wasn’t just the children who came. Anyone who had a sweet tooth would come by often. There was a life-sized poster and a lot of people would pose with it and have fun. Lotte is one the most well-known brands in Korea. They also have Lotte World, an amusement park.


    Another partner who came by was a representative from AT (Korean Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp to present the different foods that were brought like Samgyetang, Korean pear, Gim, variety of sauces, snacks, and drinks! They had so many products on display people had fun looking and learning about the variety. There were representatives talking and explaining the products present and also providing information on where to purchase the items! So rest assured! it’s not impossible to get these delicious products in the US.

    Besides Lotte and AT, there were many other brands that attended. Jayeon Nara brought their variety of sauces and Gim. Damteo introduced us to many drink mixes and teas that are popular in Korea like: the traditional and delicious mixed grain powder mix (misutgaru), Citron tea, Honey peach tea, and more! There was so much variety presented it was really exciting. Bacchus also brought and displayed their signature energy drink: Bacchus! It is known to be one of the best energy boosting drinks. Snack Fever introduced the guests to their SnackFever snack set and lunch box. The box contained simple Korean food that the customer may enjoy at their leisure. Ottogi also brought their signature 3 minute foods! These products are developed for the purpose of convenience because they know that we all have a busy life. So, providing delicious food that can be prepared in 3 minutes is their specialty. We were so lucky to have the chance to host the companies that came to introduce everyone to Korean snacks and food.

    This is the performance by a TaeKwonDo performance team. TaeKwonDo is Korea’s traditional martial arts, and was developed in Korea. It is recognized worldwide. There were about 30 some people who were part of this team, and they have had so many performances that have captured the attention of the guests. Just looking at the pictures show how cool this performance could have been right?


    Gift,  Cultural performances and experience

    This performance is a traditional masked dance called Talchum. Talchum is mainly focused on mimin, speaking and maybe sometimes singing. These dances are here to tell stories about people, animals, and sometimes supernatural beings. The team who performed were from Delight Taste Korea.

    And of course, we can’t forget the long waited S Teavern’s chef Heo Deok Heng preparing Dalk galbi. S Teavern is Korea’s trending restaurand in Gangnam with Heo Deok Heng as the Sous-chef. While he was preparing the dish, there was a large screen where people could follow the process and see the recipe as well. We didn’t just have the dish that was prepared for us, there were 10 kinds of sauces all varying in the level of spiciness.  

    When people hear “Korean food”, they immediately think spicy food. But how spicy is it really? So we had spicy red bean paste, Korean red chili powder, and Cupbop’s special hot sauce, and had people try from spicy level 8-10. Everyone’s reaction was one saying that Korean spicy is the kind that’s deliciously spicy.

    Now the event is over right? There have been people who have won the big sized box of Korean snacks thanks to the raffle! People who won the prizes said that they enjoyed the performances and also really happy that they got the prize. They also said that this event might have been the best that they have gone to in Utah!

    We evented about 500 people for this event especially, and because families and friends attended as well, it was over a thousand people! When we hold an event like this again, we look forward to seeing you again! Look forward to the next event!!



    A version of this article by Faith C at TastyKFood.




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