• Say Hi to the Delicious Korean Snacks and Hearty Meal by Jayone!

    by Tasty Kfood, October 30 2017

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    About JAYONE

    Jayone Foods, Inc. was founded in 2000 and its primary mission was to provide high-quality tofu and other Korean food products to the general public at an affordable price point. Jayone has over 700 food items in so many different areas of food, from snacks, produce, and frozen foods. There are so many different food items that you can try! And the best thing is that Jayone makes every effort to provide the best of the best that tastes delicious but also nutritious.

    Here are some of the delicious snacks that they provide!


    Korean Cookies-Mini Yakgwa

    These delicious traditional Korean sweet cakes have been remade into mini cakes that go perfectly with tea.
    It’s sweet, soft, and chewy and perfect with tea or just as snacks on the go!


    Seaweed Laver Crisps 

    Korean Seaweed (aka Kim) has always been a staple side dish on Korean tables. But Jayone has put a little twist to it all
    – they made theirs into a snack as well. It is lightly roasted and lightly salted so that it tastes good but is still healthy.  


    Nuneddine Baked Puff Pastry  

    These Italian styles, light wafer-like cookies make wonderful tea time snacks.
    It has a sweet, sugary top with mille-feuille like layers on the bottom.
    The top is lightly covered in sweetened caramel and apricot jam in the pie layers.


    Crunchy Rice Snack    

    These crunchy rice snacks are made from all natural ingredients.
    It is mainly made from brown rice and white rice. It makes a nice snack on the go, especially for road trips!

    Do they look tasty right? They can be found at any nearby Korean market.



    Sweet & Sour Gochujang

    Just as the name indicates, the Gochujang has a slight difference from the original
    Gochujang we know. It has a more sweet and sour taste to it that makes it perfect for sashimi.


    Kimchi Seasoning

    Making kimchi has never been easier. With the kimchi seasoning that
    Jayone produces, making kimchi would be a breeze.


    Instant rice cup – Bibimbab

    It’s become so much easier to get some authentic Bibimbap now.
    All you have to do is get one of the rice cups, follow the instruction on the packaging,
    and you’re all ready to eat the Bibimbap! The rice cup contains Gochujang and three kinds of vegetables.


    Soybean Paste Soup with Cabbage

    The flavor that comes from the soybean paste and the soup base gives the soup a tasty one.
    The soup may be simple, but with rice it makes for a hearty meal!



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