• Play! Food, Culture, Music – Preview 8 events of TastyKFood x Cupbop in UT

    by Tasty Kfood, July 20 2017

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    The incredibly sensational Food Truck brand, CUPBOP which has a partnership with TastyKFood, are going to have a fun Korean food related event in Utah.

    They have prepared so many events that go throughout the day to promote different Korean foods that maybe most people have never heard or tasted before. If you want to know what Korean culture is like, come! Or, if you just want to see what Korean games and events we have planned throughout the day, please come! It will be a day filled with good food and fun events for you and your friends or family. And if you’re curious as to what events and games are taking place, here are the 8 main focus events that will be at the event.   


    Samul Nori Performance

    'Samul Nori' is a genre of percussion music originating in Korea. The Samul means "four objects" and nori means "play". Samul nori is performed using four traditional Korean musical instruments: Kkwaenggwari (small gong), Jing (larger gong), Janggu (an hourglass-shapped drum) and a Buk (a barrel drum). There will be performers playing these four instruments. But! The fun part is that the audience will be able to join the performers. Not playing the instruments, but using kitchen tools as instruments. Just like when we were children making noise by hitting pots and pans using wooden spoons.


    Jegichagi (Korea Traditional Hacky Sack)

    Jegichagi: a light object is wrapped in some paper or cloth, and then kicked in a hackisack manner. It is a traditional play enjoyed by young children in Korea and will be one of the many activities that we can take part in at the event. Some “challenges” that people would be asked to do would be to walk a certain distance while keeping the Jegi in the air, racing against one other competitor, the last man standing, and so many more! And of course, who doesn’t love prizes? The winner gets to leave with interesting Korean snacks like Korean seaweed, Ramen, Chips that you’ve never seen before, and so many more.


    Ddokbokki (Spicy stir-fried rice cake)

    Ddokbokki is one of the most common street foods in Korea. It is made using Gochujang (or red chili paste), which is a savory, sweet, and spicy condiment, and specific rice cakes used for making the dish. Ddokbokki is a favorite for Koreans. The kick that it has because of the red chili paste and sweet taste at the same time is deliciously addicting. During activities and games, you will have time to share and receive recipes on how to make the delicious dish. If you’re someone who likes rice cakes, this event is for you!


    K-POP & B-Boying

    If you know K-pop, you know that dancing is one of the many skills that is required. At this event, there will be b-boy teams who have competed and maybe even performed with K-pop stars! And the most exciting part is that there will be opportunities for you to dance with them at this event! To those of you who like dancing and/or K-pop this is the event for you!


    Tuho (similar to Pitch Pot)

    Tuho is a traditional Korean game that requires players to throw sticks from a set distance into a canister. The game is a traditionally played on Korean New Year's day and Chuseok. In this game, the team who makes the most shots will win. There will be 3 people per group. Young children will get a chance to play as well!
    The winning team will get to leave with some delicious Korean food in their possessions.



    Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, characterized by its emphasis on head height, kicks, jumping and techniques.  It is one of the most famous and beloved martial arts in Korea. At this event, you will get to see a team do demonstrations of different skills that Taekwondo teaches. If you are not familiar with Taekwondo, don’t worry! This is your chance to watch and enjoy the show and see what Taekwondo is about.


    Hoop Rolling

    This is a great game for children. The aim of the game is to keep the hoop upright for long periods of time. It will be carried out in a way similar to a tournament, with one winner per group. The winner will get to leave with Korean snacks!


    Raffle ticket Announcement

    While watching the performances and enjoying the delicious food, make sure to keep track of your raffle tickets! TastyKFood will announce the first prize to the third prize throughout the day! Please keep in mind, we give a lot of gifts to the winners. These are only a few games and activities that are happening at the event.
    It will be a day filled with fun memories, good food, and a fun cultural experience. Hope to see you there!



    Event date: July 28th, 2017
    Duration: 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm
    Location: 6191 State St. Murray, UT 84107


    A version of this article by Faith C at TastyKFood.



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