• Natural Products Expo West 2015 – Anaheim

    by TastyKFood, March 12 2015

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    Natural Products Expo West 2015 in Anaheim

    Date: March 06-08 2015
    Location: Anaheim Convention Center ‘Korea Pavilions’

    From March 6th to March 8th, Korea Pavilion booth (managed by aT Center) introduced various exotic products to the exotic flavors of Korean food. A demonstration featuring natural products from 10 different vendors such as:

    • Damtuh Food - Honey Citron Tea & Yogurt Powder and more
    • Yein Trading - Visvita Aloe Vera Drinks, coconut drinks and more
    • SDC Food - organic rice chips (various flavors) & organic baby food
    • Manuka Ginseng - Ginseng Stick series, Ginseng Tea & Candy, etc
    • N Food - Easy Cafe Mix juice (various flavors)
    • SeaHerb - SeaHerb Fucoidan
    • Sunhae F&S - Haekkueo (Processed fish & squid), Seasoned Red Pepper paste and more
    • Godbawee Food - Healthy Seaweed Snack
    • Hankook Tea - Various Organic Tea products including new "Hang-Over No More Tea
    • Korea Salt - a special bamboo salt native to Korea

    Celebrating the Expo the right way, aT center hosted a Korean food demonstration by Chef Amber Koh, which featured Gujeolpan, Beef and Vegetable Rolls with Glutinous Rice, and a Korean Pear Tart. Through this demo, guests got to experience the magic of Korean food and how easy and fun it can be.

    During the demonstration, aT center showed off Bamboo salt, Honey Citron tea and Korean pear showed as special ingredients in each recipe.

    Also, the Korean Pear Tart was co-created by famous California-based bakery 'Cafe Dulce' from Chef Koh's recipe, which is a good example of how to incorporate authentic ingredients and flavor into American culture.

    Visitors truly seemed to enjoy the sights, sounds, and especially tastes at this expo in Korea Pavilion. We look forward to checking out this great show next year!

    KakaoTalk_Photo_2015-08-03-11-22-47_74In the open kitchen, the chef shows food demonstration and people have sample tasting about the food

    Description of 3 Demonstration food

    An Unconventional Party with Korean Food:  Gujeolpan, Beef and Vegetable Glutinous Rice Roll, and Korean Pear Tart

    Start out with gujeolpan, an impressive dish reminiscent of banchan, the spread of side dishes brought out with any traditional meal. Collect nine different foods, arrange them on a sectioned plate, and make sure to separate them by their characteristics. Colors, leafy vegetables, meats, mushrooms, and seafood all deserve their own area. A small stack of jeon (a Korean-style pancake of wheat flour) adorns the center. The array of artfully arranged colors and textures means it's often considered decorative, as well, so proudly display it as a centerpiece!

    (Gu Joel Pan)Gujeolpan

    Beef and vegetable glutinous rolls, Made with glutinous rice, lean beef, and fresh vegetables, they're very indicative of the focus on health and freshness that Korean cuisine is famous for. Your guests will love passing around the tray and indulging in this finger food, not to mention savoring the unique take on a classic meat-vegetable combo.

    (Sweetrice Beef Yuzu)
    Sweetrice Beef Yuzu_1

    Korean Pear Tart, despite resembling other pear varieties, Korean pears actually have a texture similar to that of apples. High in fiber, low in calories and with tons of nutrients for blood, bone and cardiovascular health, they're a great way to sneak a little nutrition into the dessert course.

    Extreme care is taken while growing these pears; the outcome is a clean fruit with smooth, blemish-free skin. Unlike Western pears, Korean Pears are round and large in size with a light yellow tint and bright white flesh. The skin, cultivated to be extremely thin, is sweet rather than bitter.

    Enjoy Korean pears sliced, diced or shredded over salads, baked, stuffed or in a dessert, as above. Interestingly, the light sweetness and crispy texture of Korean pears make them a unique addition to stir fry or salad.

    (Korean Pear Tart)
    Korean Pear Tart (2)


    A version of this article by laist. Photo by Amber Koh, 'Cafe Dulce' James Choi.


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