• Historical Story Series, Ganjang

    by TastyKFood, December 1 2016

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    Foreigner's favorite Korean food is Bulgogi and Galbi. The characteristic shared by both foods is that they are seasoned with Ganjang. Throughout the fermentation, the taste of Ganjang is created by the interaction between enzymes and microorganisms. In other words, teethe taste is determined by the decomposed amino acid, glucose and organic acid Amino acid poses a delicate flavor, and whereas sugar and salt has a sweet and salty flavor, respectively; thus, the taste embraces the flavor of various organic substances that further poses the unique, well-harmonized tastes and flavors. A diverse marinade made of Ganjang goes well with any kind of foods made with beef, chicken, pork, etc. Barbecue sauce is, of course, commonly used for stew sauce.


    Rice Noodle Salad with Pineapple Sauce

    Main ingredients

    : rice noodle 100g, bean sprouts 30g, red bell pepper 1/4, green pepper 1/4, cucumber 1/4, perilla leaves 3, big size cocktail shrimp 60g

    Pineapple sauce

    : Ganjang 2T, canned pineapple 100g, lemon juice 2T

    1. Boil rice noodles and shrimp separately and rinse with cold water
    2. Remove heads and tails off the bean sprouts, rinse and drain them throughly
    3. Shred all the vegetables to the size of bean sprouts
    4. Blend Ganjang, lemon juice, and 1/2 of pineapples with blenders and make pineapple sauce.
    Mince the rest of the pineapples and mix them in the sauce
    5. Place the noodles and vegetables on the plate and pour sauces on top



    A version of this article by 'aT' Delicious Korean Jang Recipes.

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