• Everyone cheering for their teams and having fun at the Utah Jazz match

    by Tasty Kfood, November 5 2017

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    There were so many fans present at the Utah Jazz match! Everyone cheering for their teams and having fun.

    There has never been a food event at the Vivint Stadium until we brought our event there! There’s a first time for everything, right? We were honored to be the first to have our event there for one of the matches. While we were there during the event with AT and TastyKFood, many fans came by and showed interest, along with people part of Utah Jazz.



    Once we were given permission to have our event at Vivint during the game, we set up multiple booths. All displaying different things. There were displays of Korean products like snacks, sauces, and different Korean foods. There was also a booth that had more information about our blogs and other promotional items, along with information as to where you can buy the products in America!


    There so many different products displayed for all to see and maybe even buy! They were such a huge hit that none were left by the end of the day! We were honestly so surprised by how much people enjoyed it all, and here, we saw that age doesn't matter when it comes to having fun. Children were coming by, and even the elderly people were showing so much interest!


    Besides the booth where the snacks were, the AT booth had many different products that were not snacks. They had Kimchi, rice, and Korean pears which are known for how sweet they are. Kimchi is a staple in Korean cuisine. It’s a traditional side dish made from salted and fermented Napa cabbage and Korean radishes with a large variety of seasonings including chili powder and garlic.



    There have been a lot of interest in the sauces from people who look like they enjoy cooking or do a lot of the cooking in their homes. There were so many different sauces on display! Gochujang (a Korean spicy red chili paste), chogochujang (red chili paste mixed with vinegar, udon sauce, soba sauce, anchovy broth (which is the base for almost all kinds of Korean soups), Japchae sauce (Japchae is made from clear noodles that are stir-fried with beef and vegetables), a sauce that goes with everything, citron sauce that is interesting yet delicious because it gives the food it is put in, a sweet yet tart flavoring. If all the sauces were to be listed, this article would probably be too long.


    We, of course, had games prepared for everyone to take part in! There was the whole-body rock, paper, scissors, that whoever won would get a SweetBox that a lovely cheerleader gave away, and a Korean Pronunciation game too. It was to either shout “Manse” which is a Korean “Hooray” or to say “Daehanminguk” which is saying “the Republic of Korea” in Korean. People who did this activity all walked away with something.


    The event overall was really fun! Getting to see people of all ages coming and enjoying what we have prepared, and interacting with others was a joy to watch. We were able to take pictures of the match going on, and even have pictures of people taking pictures with the Instagram panel that we had prepared for this event.

    We want to say thank you for coming and hope you enjoyed your time with us!



    A version of this article by Faith C at TastyKFood.


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