• Spotlight on some of the popular products from Wang Food

    by Tasty Kfood, November 13 2017

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    The company that will be in the spotlight today is Wang Food.

    They are a representative brand of Samjin, and their mission is to supply the best quality Korean food at a reasonable price. Their products have been getting a lot of attention as they are known to provide one of the best Asian food brand.

    Let’s go and see some of the products and see what they bring to the table!



    Besides kimchi, kim is one of the staples of a Korean table. The possibilities of how to eat it is endless.
    You can put it in soup, eat it with rice and kimchi, or even as a snack! Gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian people,
    you are in luck because this a perfect snack for you if you like something slightly salty and crunchy.


    This is another variety of the kim that everyone loves!
    Honestly, you can never get enough of these snacks that can go with anything and everything,
    or even just by itself as a snack. Perfect for people who are gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian!




    This product is not new to some people. It was displayed at one of the events and was a hit with everyone who came by!
    The sweet yet spicy and flavorful ddeokbokki was one that people couldn’t get enough of.



    A version of this article by Faith C at TastyKFood.


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