• Let’s try some of the sweet and tart products from Damtuh food!

    by Tasty Kfood, November 14 2017

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    Damtuh has been one of the largest companies that produces the best kinds of teas that appeal to Korean taste buds. 

    There are so many different kinds of teas! Some that are made with honey and fruit, others powder mixes that you can take the little pouches with you wherever you go. Convenient right? This is because Korea has such a love for tea and sweets. We hope you can enjoy the different teas that Damtuh offers!


    One of the go to drinks for fruity tea lovers.
    On a hot day when you just need a cold drink to cool down, why not just get one of these packets and mix it with
    water and add some ice? The sweet tea will help you cool down and also give you your sugar fix.


    DAMTUH Premium Lemon Black Tea, Instant Black Tea with Lemon Iced Tea, 20 Sticks

    Anyone craving sweet ice tea with a hint of lemon?
    Damtuh’s lemon black tea brings you black tea with the refreshing taste of lemon extract
    to give it a fresher taste. It’s also really convenient to carry and enjoy on the go!




    DAMTUH Honey Citron Tea, Citron Tea with Honey, 1 Bottle 27.16 Oz (770g)

    If you like citron tea, this tea is just for you! It’s made with honey, ginger, and citron.
    It comes with all the benefits that they can provide! Boosts your immune system, relief from nausea and indigestion, reduction of inflammation and rich in antioxidants. It’s also really good for sore throats and helping
    to ease cold symptoms. But that’s not all! You can add it as toppings for pastries and deserts!
    Enjoy it in whatever form you like.

    DAMTUH Korean Roast Grain with Yam Tea, 15 Roasted Grains Mixed Powder Breakfast Drink (Misugaru), 20g x 40 Sticks


    This non-caffeinated drink that can be used as a meal replacement is a dream come true
    for people who are constantly on the go and regularly forget to eat or don't have time at all.
    It’s made with 15 kinds of roasted grains with yam and so is high in protein and is rather filling.
    You can mix it with mil, water, or soy milk, take your pick! This is one of the most popular traditional
    Korean drinks that we love.



    DAMTUH Walnut Almond Adlay Tea (Job's Tear), All Natural Tea Powder, 50 Sticks


    All you have to do is add hot/cold water, milk, or soy milk.
    Convenient for on the go people and make good meal replacements!
    This is made from walnuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds, and peanuts all ground and mixed with toasted adlay.
    It is full of protein from the nuts and helps with weight management.


    A version of this article by Faith C at TastyKFood.


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