• Korea’s Best Food Video Contest, Yum Yum K-Food 2017!

    by Tasty Kfood, September 20 2017

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    Get your thinking caps on because this event will require you to get creative. 

    Get your thinking caps on because this event will require you to get creative. This year, you will get a chance to go to Korea with Yum Yum K-Food! All you have to do is purchase Korean food that you can find nearby, and make a video. This is where the creative part comes in. You can cook, do a mukbang, which is where you eat for show (really popular for foodies in Korea), use Korea food for parties, and many more creative ideas. After you made the video, you just have to promote your video through your social media channel. Easy as that! We can’t wait to see your videos!



    • The video needs to be 3 minutes or less, 480p or more
    • Insert comments and/or explanations of the Korean food that is used when making the video
    • This video can be made as a group but remember, the invitation to Korea is limited to one person per entry.


    How to apply:

    • Upload the video on any social media platform

    Go to the official website (Official Website: http://yumyumk-food.com/) where the contest is held and post the URL of your video, making sure to add details about your video.


    [Contest Period]

    25 September(MON) ~ 15 November, 2017(WED)



    1st Prize: KRW 10 million + Trip to Korea for 4N5D (1 Person)

    2nd Prize: KRW 5 million + Trip to Korea for 4N5D (2 People)

    3rd Prize: KRW 2 million + Trip to Korea for 4N5D (5 People)

    4th Prize: K-FOOD BOX (20 People)


    The flight ticket, accommodation, and meals during the tour are all free of charge. If the winner can’t participate in the tour, on the prize money will be provided.


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    A version of this article by Faith C at TastyKFood.


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