• Delights of Korean Seafood, fresh seafood luncheon while aboard a fancy yacht.

    by TastyKFood, December 3 2014

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    Slogan: Discover Korean Seafood, Explore Tasty Secrets!

    Date: 12.02.2014 (Tue)  11:00am-15:00pm
    Location: Marina Del Rey- Yacht

    ‘Delights of Korean Seafood’ event were sponsored by aT center for Korea Agricultural marine products in overseas exports for the government and private firms which attention had been made and sustained investment of live fish, and by a successful example of the seafood container business. It was a great opportunity to expand their markets to U.S. market frozen fishery products.

    Overseas Korean fishery products for many of the expansion of existing buyers and the United States distributor for your help, officials invited to bring such as fish products up to now improved and share results to establish a business model was provided for the opportunity to share ideas and information.

    Media outlets and food blogs about an independence movement were invited bloggers to fisheries and material features of Korean, freshness of the United States to see and experience the local and expand export.

    • Promotional  Items : Live Olive Founder with White Fish, Abalone, Pacific Oyster, Mullet, Seaweed, and Laver
    • For Targeting : Marine Products Industry officials, blogger, and media press
    • The ambience : On luxury yacht with upscale table settings
    • Program : Reception offered fresh sashimi on site, speech from famous CEO of ‘Wang Globalnet’
    • Vendors : Wang Globalnet,  CJ, Jayone, KGC, Haitai, Lotte, Kooksoondang, Hadong, Sempio, O’Jeju, and Woobo


    Our event brought people together to discover new cultures and delight in Korean seafood specialties.
    As tasty as it was educational, attendees relished in everything from live fish presentations to a fresh seafood luncheon, and all this while aboard a fancy yacht.


    Promote Korean halibut, rockfish, trout, abalone, oysters, and laver


    Presentation about Korean aquatic and marine products at the exhibition section

    Korean fillet raw fishes
    3-R12-1 3-R9생선Provide lottery gift consisting of agricultural products Korea
    Korean aquatic and marine products
    3-R14Korean products of other kinds

    A version of this article by TastyKfood. Photo by Andrew Yeum.


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