• Featured K-Recipes

    Roast Duck And Kimchi Pizza

    Happy national wine day! i'm currently in taiwan eating my weight in street food and delicious-ness. i can't believe how cheap food is here. like a piece of spicy chicken frie...

    Pearl Barley With Korean Greens + A Le Creuset Giveaway

    Here's a little lesson to the greens i'm using in this dish. in the most left of the picture above of the bright leafy greens, is called minari (미나리) aka korean watercress. it...

    Recent K-Recipes

    By TastyKFood, June 8 2017

    Namul (seasomed Vegetables) – Oiseon

    Crispy and refreshing: oiseon (stuffed cucumber) : originally, oi-seon was a korea royal dish p...

    By TastyKFood, May 18 2017

    How To Make Mandu (korean Dumplings) For Holiday Seasons

    Mandu is a korean cuisine that is equivalent to “dumplings” in english, and there are very simil...

    By TastyKFood, May 8 2017

    Namul (seasoned Vegetables) – Dotori-muk

    A low-fat dish perfect for dieting: dotori-muk (acron jelly salad): dotori-muk (a.k.a acorn jell...

    By Mabel Chan, May 1 2017

    Bulgogi Stuffed Baked Potatoes

    I'm currently on-call for neurology and it's pretty quiet right now, so i'm taking a little bit...

    By TastyKFood, April 8 2017

    Jeongol (hot Pots)- Dubu Jeongol

    An excellent source of nutrition: dubu jeongol (tofu hot pot) : originally,  dubu jeongol (tofu...

    By TastyKFood, March 8 2017

    Namul (seasomed Vegetables) – Japchae

    Seasoned with love: japchae (glass noodles with sautéed vegetables)  : japchae (glass noodles w...

    By TastyKFood, February 7 2017

    Guk (soup) – Miyeok Guk

    Miyeok guk (seaweed soup)  the traditional birthday treat : miyeok-guk (seas mustard soup) is...

    By TastyKFood, February 3 2017

    Tang (soup) – Seolleongtang

    A local specialty that pleased the king: seolleong tang (ox bone soup) : seolleong-tang (ox bon...



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