• Featured K-Recipes

    Bulgogi Stuffed Baked Potatoes

    I'm currently on-call for neurology and it's pretty quiet right now, so i'm taking a little bit of time to write a post before i hit the sack (look at this dedication :p). act...

    Bulgogi Chili Pizza With Gochujang Tomato Sauce

    Cheese and korean food has always been such a norm for myself, that i forget how new and interesting it can be to others. or how gross it can sound haha. i grew up on microwav...

    Recent K-Recipes

    By TastyKFood, November 18 2016

    How To Make Mandu (korean Dumplings) For Holiday Seasons

    Mandu is a korean cuisine that is equivalent to “dumplings” in english, and there are very simil...

    By TastyKFood, November 16 2016

    Leftover Turkey Salad With Korean Pears & Kimchi

    Have you ever wondered what to with all the meat leftovers during thanksgiving? as a solution,...

    By TastyKFood, November 8 2016

    The Korean Thanksgiving Holiday Culture, “chuseok”

    “chuseok” is a thanksgiving holiday celebrated in korea on the 15th of the eighth month of the y...

    By TastyKFood, October 24 2016

    Add Korean Flavor To Your Thanksgiving

    We are introducing two simple and fun-to-prepare recipes for those who wish to spice up their th...

    By TastyKFood, February 17 2016

    Recipe For Scallops Wrapped In Gim For Seafood Lovers

    Here is another seafood recipe that could easily become one of the favorites for those who enjoy...

    By TastyKFood, February 17 2016

    Recipe For A Seafood Snack: Shrimp And Gim Risotto Croquettes

    The recipe for this dish is well-balanced between korean and italian food.there are many varieti...

    By TastyKFood, February 17 2016

    Recipe: Cod Wrapped With Crispy Gim On Skewers & Romesco Sauce

    Here is an interesting recipe using the cod fish and gim for its main component of the cuisine w...

    By TastyKFood, January 19 2016

    New Year Galbi Jjim – Korean Braised Short Ribs

    Happy new year! i have about 2 more hours to finish this blog before it's too late to wish anyon...



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