by TastyKFood, March 20 2017

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    Kristalbelli is an upscale Korean BBQ restaurant based in New York, available for those who are willing to enjoy high-quality Asian cuisine.

    The experience at the Kristalbelli will definitely take you beyond the mediocre or ordinary dining. It  offers a hip, sleek, urban vibe to its customers dining at the restaurant.

    JYP’s first dining project in New York was set up to provide exclusive cultural experiences. JYP Foods is the first restaurant project by Korea's leading Entertainment company, JYP Entertainment.

    Kristalbelli restaurant was launched in the year of 2012, as a premium Korean BBQ restaurant. This restaurant is a great place for dining, lounge, and entertainment – the space of the restaurant can accommodate up to 180 people, private rooms and lounge area are available for any type of occasion. The staffs are also known to be very accommodating, the customers who may not be familiar with the Korean cuisine can expect the servers to explain every dish and menu in detail, to bring out the finest service they can afford.

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    Kristalbelli – its name would  speak for itself; no metal grills are used in this restaurant. All the meat are cooked with 99.9% natural crystal stone which takes 2-3 times faster to cook and just 10 minutes to heat up.

    It keeps the high-quality meat to cook in a higher temperature with no generated harmful residues. Instead, infrared rays are produced for the heat to travel deep into the meat and making the meat much juicier. This leaves no burn on the outer surface when it is served in the best possible quality.

    Aside from the taste and healthy aspects of the cuisine, Kristalbelli also developed a way to reduce the smoke from downdraft system that absorbs the smoke to maintain the pleasant environment throughout the dining place.

    Aesthetically, the crystal stone is surrounded by Buddha-shaped frying pans and the lighting setting creates a very exotic but very intriguing and sophisticated atmosphere.

    The visuals are very welcoming, formed with the essence from the worldly renowned entertainment company and its peculiar style with high-end Korean dining, targeting the New Yorkers who are expecting to experience interesting cultural trend.

    The location is already in the midst of glamorous parties and various media events, as the hot place for the celebrities or personal occasions. Some of the most celebrated Asian star chefs like David Chang, Edward Lee, Hooni Kim, and Akira Back are known to have dined at this restaurant.

    Kristalbelli also hosted a dinner event with the James Beard foundation and its VIP guest with huge pride as one of the new beloved restaurants in New York area.

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    Regardless of its fine reputation and glamorous media appearance, the real strength behind Kristalbelli lies perhaps, as the well-grounded prepared settings for its main dishes. Served in Korean-French fusion, the highest quality Wagyu beef cooked on smoke-free crystal grills, taking consideration of diner’s health to enhance the overall flavor of the meat. This is an undeniable token of luxury.

    The Crystal grill and its interior settings are designed to satisfy all senses from the taste to the texture of the cuisine, making the whole restaurant perfectly fascinating  to view.

    The reputation of Kristalbelli was never built by chance, the carefully selected and prepared culinary method bring out the finest meat, wrapped in one of the most exciting cultural roots of Asia.

    And last but not least, it would be fair to state that the sincere hospitality from the founder definitely to the charm of the Kristalbelli restaurant.

    this article is by Cindy Sung at TastyKFood. Photo by Kristalbeli.


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