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    Welcome to TastyKFood.com, where we celebrate the flavors and culinary traditions of Korean foods and share a broad information of various people from culinary world. We invite our viewers to visit some of the wonderful eateries and restaurants for new discoveries. And while we offer relatively new and rather innovative food recipes, culinary tips and information to the readers, we would also like to preserve the authenticity of Korean food by delivering news and knowledge to anyone who is interested and willing to learn more about its unique food tradition at the same time. So generally as the only Korean food and lifestyle e-publication, TastyKFood.com is an online resource for traditional and modern recipes, dishes, useful culinary techniques as well as reviews, news, trends and profiles of talented culinarians.

    TastyKFood, Our Story

    TastyKFood.com is proudly supported by the aT, “Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp”, whose purpose is to promote the excellence of Korean agri-products, fisheries and traditional food culture. TastyKFood.com is eager to carry out Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp’s purpose to promote Korea’s agricultural product export and to lead the distribution of innovative Agro-Fisheries Product of Korea. As the division of aT, the Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corp, TastyKFood.com is glad to be part of this excellent project to stimulate global food industry, between Korea and other cultures of the world. Our team at TastyKFood is a dedicated group of Chefs, editors, photographers and general foodies who love to eat, love to cook and love to share their passions for Korean flavor. We are dedicated to preserving authentic flavors, while introducing the benefits of Korean flavors to their tastes and inspiring people to incorporate in their everyday life. TastyKFood aim to explore and celebrate the vibrant tastes and traditions of Korean Food. As the food culture of Korea has evolved over centuries, the culture has strong roots in a local food supply, community and family traditions, advancements in agriculture and farming as well as cooking techniques. Moreover, we would like to focus on cultural aspects of our contents as such serving traditions are based on Korean traditional philosophies with focus o respect and caring for family and friends. Korean culinary traditions include many different foods from the different regions of Korea. Korean foods are made using local and regional ingredients, foods are prepared to taste delicious, and to be healthy for us, both inside and out. While rice is almost always incorporated, traditional meals are known for their large selection of side dishes (banchan). Street vendors make delicious BBQs, seaweed rolls, sausages and fish cakes, while restaurants serve the full spectrum of food styles including comfort food, casual, and fine dining. Modern Chefs put in countless hours to create hearty dishes that not only taste amazing but look beautiful to continuously develop the food culture of Korea from global perspectives. Thanks for visiting TastyKFood.com and enjoy the fascinating world of authentic and modern interpretation of Korean food and cuisine.


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