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    by TastyKFood, December 7 2016

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    A Hends-on Soup - Galbitang (Short Rib Soup) 

    : Galbi-tang is a soup made with beef ribs, sometimes called 'Gari-tang.' Ribs have always been one of the priciest beef cuts in Korea. The soup made from this expensive cut is, of course, a special treat and nourishing meal for anyone. No Galbi-tang meal would be complete with our taking the ribs with your hands and biting the succulent meat right off the bone!

    Short Ribs, the Prime Cut

    There are many nourishing dishes made by simmering meat or bones, but Galbitang is the most sumptuous of them all. For these reasons, it became a favorite dish served to wedding guests. Traditionally, Galbitang is cooked with only ribs, but the modern versions experiment with various ingredients and recipes. 'Yeongyang-galbitang' (nutritious rip soup) is made by adding medicinal ingredients such as ginseng, jujubes and pine nuts. 'Wang-galbitang' (jumbo rib soup) is made with extra ribs for more meat-picking and finger-licking. Unlike ox leg bone soup or oxtail soup where water is continuously added to extract the flavor multiples of times, galbitang is only simmered until the meat is cooked just right.9-R-갈비탕-2

    Ugeoji-galbitang: A Popular Luch Menu for Office Workers

    : Ugeoji-galbitang is soup made with green cabbage leaves (Ugeoji) and soybean paste in a short rib broth. It is popular as a hanover-soup as well as a luck menu for office workers. The word 'Ugeoji' originated from the word 'Utgeoji,' meaning 'remove the top layer.' When we see someone with a worried expression, we say 'stop making an Ugeoji face.' But, a much friendlier Ugeoji-comment would be 'Hey, want to go grab a bowl of Ugeoji-galbitang?' Ugeoji, which refers to the boiled outer leaves of napa cabbage, is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber and serves as the perfect dish for weight loss and skin care.


    Soy Sauce for Galbi-tang, Salt for Seolleong-tang

    : Galbitang and Seolleongtang (ox bone soup) digger in terms of the ingredients used to make the broth. While bones are used for Seolleongtang, the broth for Galbitang gets its flavor from the meat on the ribs. Soup made from meat stocks like Galbitang or Gomtang (thick beef bone soup) tastes best when seasoned with soy sauce, while Seolleongtang tastes best when seasoned with salt.


    Ingredient & Quantity 

    600g beef ribs, 1kg (5 cups) preclenaning water, 5kg (25 cups) boiling water, 200g radish, 36g (2 tbsp) clear soy sauce, 8g (2 tsp) salt, 60g (1 ea) egg

    fragrant seasoning: 40g (1 root) green onion, 42g (6 cloves) garlic, 130g (1/2 head) onion

    seasoning: 28g (2 tbsp) minced green onion, 16g (1tbsp) minced garlic, 0.3g (1/8 tsp) ground black pepper


    1. Cut the beef ribs into 5cm-long, soak in cold water for 3 hours to draw out the blood, changing the soaking water every 1 hour.

    2. Remove fats and tendons form the beef ribs.

    3. Trim and wash the radish, peel skin (180g), cut into 6cm-long.

    4. Panfry egg for yellow/white egg garish, and cut into 2cm-long of diaper shape.

    5. Blend seasoning.


    1. Pour water in the pot and heat it for 5 min. on high heat. When it boils, add the beef ribs, and boil it another 2 min. Discard boiling water.

    2. Pour  cold water and beef ribs in the pot, boil it for 20min. on high heat, then lower the heat to medium, simmer it for 2 hours. Add radish and fragrant seasoning together , boil for 1 hour, while skim the fats.

    3. When radish is well-done, take out the radish, cut into 3cm-wide, 4cm-long and 0.5cm-thick. Remove out the fragrant seasoning from the pot.

    4. Cool down the broth, filter through cotton cloths, skim fats off. Season with clear soy sauce and salt. Put beef ribs (420g) and radish into the broth, boil it for 5min. on medium heat.

    5. Place the beef rib soup in a bowl, top with egg garish, then serve with seasoning sauce.


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