• Doenjang is not just a simple food taste to eat; it is rather sacred food

    by TastyKFood, March 1 2017

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    Doenjang is not just a simple food taste to eat; it is rather sacred food. Long ago, it was required to avoid anything that was unfaithful or unclean for 3days before making Doenjang and perform ablutions on the day. Recently, Doenjang has become well known for its advantage of completely using the functional ingredients contained in bean, as well as restraining cancer,being greatly highlighted as 'Oriental healthy sauce' by people of the world. Considering the results of a survey conducted on the elderly aged 100 years or older, 94.9% of them said they had mean paste soup at least once a day. The taste of Doenjang is different by each house as well as its colors being an infinite variety. The color and tastes of Doenjang becomes darker and deeper as it gets more fermented, and the value of a more fermented Doenjang is greater. Koreans prefer adding Doenjang to stew or broth. DoenjangJjigae, stew like traditional dish with meat, various vegetables and tofu, is Korea's typical food. This may be called the 'soul food/ for Koreans.



    Doenjang Curry Sauce Grilled Fish 

    Main ingredients

    : fish fillet 200g, crushed garlic 1t, grind ginger 1/2t, white wine 1/2t, little bit of black pepper, small green onion 1 stem

    Doenjang curry sauce

    : Doenjang 1T, whipped cream 1/4t, sugar 1t, garlic /2t

    1. Wash and rinse fish fillet thoroughly, and marinate them with garlic, ginger, white wine and black pepper.

    2. Lightly spread cooking oil on an oven baking pan and place fish fillets on it. Spread little bit of oil on the top of the fish once moe and pre bake them in the oven preheated at 180 oC.

    3. Add garlics to whipped cream and boil it. Add curry when boiling to give it color. Add Doenjang and blend them with blender to complete the sauce.

    4. Add Doenjang curry sauce on the pre baked fillet fish and baked them for five more minutes. Add thinly sliced small green onion and bake for two more minutes.


    A version of this article by 'aT' Delicious Korean Jang Recipes. Photo by 'aT' Delicious Korean Jang Recipes.

    - P.C. http://guestbook.blog.naver.com/PostThumbnailView.nhn?blogId=bbomiss&logNo=100147031712&categoryNo=176&parentCategoryNo=0 - P.C. http://blog.daum.net/ipc007/14430509 - P.C. http://www.sunchangg.co.kr/web/product/tiny/sunchangg_12.jpg - Delicious Korean Jang Recipes / aT


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