• Historical Story Series, Ssamjang

    by TastyKFood, January 1 2017

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    Korean exceptionally love 'seam(wraps)'. Regardless of the type of food, whether it is vegetable or seaweed, they spread it extensively on the palm and wrap any ingredients. Anything that can be wrapped with the vegetable can be used as an ingredient. Ssamjang mixes well with Doenjang and Gochujang. In Ssamjang, tofu or boiled beans can be minced and mixed with nuts, such as peanut, walnut, etc. to boost the delicate taste. Korean Ssamjang proves its real worth with Samgyeopsal Gui (Grilled pork belly). A piece of well grilled-done pork belly with Ssamjang, pepper and garlic wrapped in lettuce will be in perfect harmony each other. Ssamjang doesn't taste too strong so it can be used to make a spread for bread or bisque. Put enough Ssamjang with anchovy or meat broth and add all sorts of vegetables, and then mix them with rice. This will make a healthy meal that will make you happy.


    Tofu Steak 

    Main ingredients

    : water soaked rice 2C, water 1/2C, carrot 10g, red chili pepper 1, bokchoy 50g, shiitake mushrooms 4, chopped beef 50g, chopped green onion 2T, little bit of sesame oil, sesame seed, and cooking oil

    Beef sauce

    Ganjang 1T, sugar 1/2T, little bit of crushed garlic and black pepper

    Ssamjang sauce

    Ssamjang 1T, butter 1T, clear rice wine 2T, starch syrup 1/2T

    1. Add enough water t rice and cook it.

    2. Slice carrots and red chili peppers thinly to about 1cm long. Parboil bokchoy in the hot salt water, drain them and cut them not the same size.

    3. Slice shiitake mushrooms thinly to about 0.5cm thin. Season the chopped beef with beef sauce.

    4. Panfry carrots, red chili pepper, and shiitake mushroom separately. Melt butter on the sauce pan, and add Ssamjang sauce ingredients and boil it.

    5. spread cooking oils and panfry chopped green onion first, add rice and Ssamjang sauce and mix them. Add rest of the ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add sesame oil and sesame at the finish.


    A version of this article by 'aT' Delicious Korean Jang Recipes. Photo by 'aT' Delicious Korean Jang Recipes.

    - P.C. http://www.booheung888.co.kr/shop/data/editor/d3JsHjYjcg1Ze20130228171054..JPG
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    - Delicious Korean Jang Recipes / aT


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