• Gochujang is composed of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour

    by TastyKFood, January 1 2017

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    The basic tastes of Gochujang are composed of spicy, salty, sweet, and sour. The spicy taste excites the appetite and activates the metabolism, burning the fats accumulated in the body. You have probably experienced finding yourself looking for something spicy whenever you get depressed or stressed. Once you have them, you will feel much better and relieve the stress; considering various advantages, pepper should be good for the health. Korean red peppers contain 1.5 times sweeter components that boost the spice and taste, attracting the appetite. The typical snack that most foreigners want to try is "Tteokbokki". Tteokbokki is made from soft rice cake and Gochujang. Famous Dakgangjeong (Korean fried chicken) and Yangnyeomtongdak (fried seasoned chicken) would not exist without Gochujang.


    Dakgalbi Burger 

    Mine ingredients

    : chicken (thigh) 500g, ginger juice 1T, salt 1/2t, a little bit of black pepper

    Extra ingredients

    : sweet potato 1, onion 1/2, cabbage 150g, 4-5 hamburger bun, lettuce 2 pieces


    red pepper powder 4t, Gochujang 4T, Ganjang 2T, sugar 1 1/2~2T, white wine 1T, minced garlic 1T, minced ginger 1/2t, onion juice 1/2, sesame oil 1T, sesame 1T, salt 1/6t, black pepper 1/8t


    : butter 2T, mustard 2t

    1. Get chicken thighs. If meat is too thick, spread and flat them with knife. Make cuts in the chicken skin (about twice) and marinate them in ginger juice, salt and black pepper.

    2. Mix all seasoned ingredients.

    3. Peel off sweet potato skin and cut them into half-moon and thin pieces. Cut cabbage and onion into 0.5cm-thick rounds. Thorough wash lettuces and remove water.

    4. Add 1/3 seasoning to marinated chicken and marinate them.

    5. Add the marinated chicken to oiled pan and grill them at lower heat.

    6. About 70% of chicken meat is cooked, gather them at the center of pan and put sweet potato, cabbage and onion around the chicken. Add marinade and cook more. If vegetables and chicken are fully cooked, add more marinade and stir-fry.d

    7. Put hamburger bun on a heated pan and coast it until the inside turns to light brown. Add spread inside and put chicken and lettuce.


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